Your Visit to Dr. Shenoy

For your first visit to our office, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork. Most initial exams take about one hour. You may prefer to bring a friend to drive because your eyes will be sensitive to sunlight due to dilating drops.

Also bring list of your medications you are currently taking, including herbals and over-the-counter medications, Bring the bottles of your eye drops. If you are wearing glasses or contacts, please wear them so we can check them for accuracy. You will also need your insurance and Medicare cards, as well as a referral from your HMO if applicable.

At the end of the exam .
• Doctor Shenoy will sit down with you to discuss the findings of your examination, your eye condition, treatment, and future course of action. Feel free to ask your questions and express any concerns.
• You will receive information about your glaucoma.